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Terms & Conditions


Our Digital printing processes have been developed specifically to address quality, efficiency and cost, using the latest in printing technology to deliver cutting edge digital printing options. Our advanced print-on-demand technology provides what you want when you want it. No more inventory, no more obsolete stock. Inventory or warehousing can be things of the past, and if you are a printer or wholesaler, no more prepress expenses associated with conventional printing processes. Digital printing is the future of printing and delivers high quality, quick turnarounds and shipped direct to customers. Great for apparel, mouse mats, promotional products and more.



Due to margin of mechanical or human error we do not guarantee accuracy of print location or color matching. We cannot guarantee perfect registration during production utilizing white under base and client does not expect zero margin of error.  We accept no responsibility for supplied garments from customers damaged during production. For customers supplying their own garments we recommend extra garments of at least 5% be provided for printing. We utilize Direct To Garment print technology to ensure fast turnarounds and affordable print services. The estimated turnaround is 2-7 business days but not guaranteed. We offer light & dark garment printing. Light garments are defined as anything that does not require a white ink under-base. Darks are any garments which require a white ink under-base, even if the garment itself is light in color. Light garments that are Non white are best for dark spot color printing.  Colored garments that require white ink are pretreated with a liquid solution that acts as a bonding agent for the white ink. The pretreat may present a temporary nonpermanent stain which usually removes once washed but not guaranteed. The expectancy of what Brand style or color of garment that will have a undesirable marking from the pretreat process is unknown and varies significantly and may not even be consistent. We can not be held responsible for how pretreatment reacts to manufacturers garment assembling procedures. We strongly don’t recommend pretreating “Ash” colored Shirts.  We STRONGLY recommend  sample prints be purchased before printing a volume order to better understand variables associated with printing. Client agrees we are not responsible for any allergic reactions from any chemicals used to print on their garments. No such reactions have ever been reported. We strongly do not recommend box style art work due to increase in printing errors. Any artwork adjustments are subject to a $35 charge but not limited to. Displayed pricing includes only printing.  We are not responsible for damaged garment during production nor will you be charged for the ink used on the damage garment. All left over garments will be returned to customer. In case of damaged garments client is responsible for resupplying additional garments to complete desired order count. Extra garments may be available from us by request at retail cost.  File prep is not included in price.  By default all files are fitted within default size of 120sq,inches, unless it’s a small size print order. All orders are to be paid in full before production, unless approved by Admin - Person. Prices are subject to change without notice.  All garments supplied by we are equivalent to the respective brands such as Gildan, Hanes, or any mainstream apparel company. All clients agree that we are not responsible for type of garments supplied for DTG printing and understand print quality may vary from different style garments and accept the variables concerning the print outcome. Some additional info may be located on garment printing specific web page. Same COLOR MATCHING RULES as those of our commercial print products, NO EXCEPTIONS



Same conditions as Direct to Garment apply. Screen printing and Direct To Garment are not the same print process and can not be combined. They are treated as separate services. Additional conditions are as follows:

 • Pricing per Garment, Per Print Location.

 • Standard imprint area approximately 9x11, larger available. Contact us for quote.

 • All artwork should be provided print ready.  Vector files preferred EPS/AI/PDF with all text converted to curves with transparent

    background. NO JPEGS preferred.  If you need assistance please let us know.

 • $20 screen charge fee per color / per print location.

 • If mixing garment types the print size and locations must be the same on all garments within an order.

 • Ink colors must stay the same within an order or a $25 per ink color change applies.

 • Standard print time is 7-10 business days from the time of payment and artwork approval. Payment in full required before printing order.

 • White and light colored ink on dark garments charged as 2 colors unless only 1 color requested, print will be less opaque with 1 color.  (ex:

    Yellow ink on a black shirt, the ink would show through to the garment)

 • Specialty Inks or PMS Matching can increase print cost, contact us for quote.

 • Special print location can effect price (Over the seams, Sleeves etc), contact us for a custom quote.

 • Shipping is not included.



SHIRT PRINTING by use of Solvent PrintCut Vinyl Transfer: All colored garments that are polyester or polyblended with higher polyester count than 20% are decorated with solvent printed vinyl transfers which are cut to their GENERAL APPROXIMATE SHAPE with the art work having a white permanent margin around it. Client understands before purchasing they have  the opportunity to receive the necessary information to fully understand this type of decoration before purchasing. Customer understands this form of decoration is not to be confused with our standard form of Direct To Garment printing as they are NOT THE SAME nor reflect the same quality of printing. The same care instructions as our Direct to Garment decoration methods terms and conditions apply. The care instructions when followed properly are full proof and we are not responsible for caring of garment out of our control. 




BANNER PRINTING All banner is printed at a industry standard 360x720dpi on 13oz vinyl banner stock. Higher resolution is available at additional cost. This product is by default tape hemmed and grommeted unless  specified otherwise. Additional services associated with this product is located on it’s appropriate web page. This product is sold by the sq.ft....Our Banner is printed will ecosolvent ink for extreme durability and longevity when proper care is excercised. We are not responsible for clients not utilizing proper care in storing and handling printed banners. Banners should not be rolled up medium to tight and stored in hot environments.



- Color matching is a sensitive subject with commercial printing. If you have a job that is color critical like a particular shade of color for a corporate logo or a high end photographic piece, then commercial printing may not be the way to go as we can not gaurantee color matching. With color matching there are to many different variables. For starters there is the computer screen that you are seeing your design on. It may appear a particular shade on one screen and an entirely different shade on another screen due to individuals visual preference. Another factor is the type of color mode your design was done in. If the design was done in RGB color mode, it will more than likely get darker when the conversion is done to CMYK which is the way we need a file in order to be able to print it. Lastly because all orders are grouped together and printed on a much larger sheet of paper, we lose individual control over every single color on every single job. Instead we look at the sheet as a whole and try to get colors to be within a certain range. We make every attempt to print as accurate as possible but do not guarantee results and will not refund. Rich black should be C=30% M=30% Y=30% and K=100% ALL FILES WE RECEIVE IN RGB WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY CHANGED TO CMYK. This does not mean we do not offer a GREAT high quality printing. We are merely allowing some margin of error.


• What is UV Coating? UV coating is a liquid like a varnish with a lamination-like appearance used to instantly dry and shine printed paper. The liquid is applied with a coating tower on to the paper. After it passes through extremely intense Ultra Violet lights that instantly dry the ink on the paper. With our UV liquid, you will get extremely high gloss and shine as a standard for business cards and postcards. UV has many advantages and disadvantages. When UV coating is applied, the printed material will never fade off in someone's wallet or hand or even the sun. (If you are going to use your postcards as a mailer and you are going to send them to get printed on, please ask us to NOT UV coat your postcards cause the your hand written  ink may or may not smear when the machine tries to print on your postcards) UV coating also is main contributor to color shifts. You may choose to print on our NON UV cover stock if you prefer. All 5k orders by default are printed with UV coating and client must notify when ordering if they do not desire to have job coated.

• Will I always receive the exact amount and the exact size of what I order? As industry standard, you will receive within 10% more or less due to any minor unforseen error associated with printing. As far as the final size, due to INEVITABLE tolerances in paper mills, on printing presses, and on cutters, the final size of your may vary slightly. This is a printing standard and completely ACCEPTABLE. Due to our gang run printing process of flyers the EXACT COLOR and FLYER CUTS cannot be guaranteed. Absolutely NO REFUNDS!



We will not process any order until we have received payment in full. Please understand if there are any other charges we will contact you to charge payment again either over the phone or online. We do NOT keep your credit information on hand for any reason, once it is charged it goes through our credit card processor.



Rush orders may be available upon request. Additional fees may apply to a rush processing job. The fees and the ability to produce a rush job will depend on numerous variables, including setup time, the time of day you are placing the order, the size of the order, and  production schedule of the day.



All artwork or designs and images should be provided in the appropriate format for the job requested. We do not guarantee color matching nor cut accuracy. All artwork is to be submitted within the specifics provided on the desired products informational page.  We are not responsible for images printed as fuzzy, distorted or pixilated due to customer provided artwork. We will do everything in our power to make sure the prints come out as good as they can.



Customer is fully responsible for final proof and layout approval prior to the printing process. We are NOT LIABLE for errors in a final product caused by any of the following reasons: misspelling, graphics, bleeds, grammar, damage fonts, punctuation, wrong cuts, incorrect or missing folds, die lines, crop marks, transparency, overprints, finished product size, or file corruption during delivery. We DO NOT make any changes on customer files. Any necessary needed adjustments are subject to a minimum charge for typesetting $35.00 but limited to.


WARRANTY & REFUNDS POLICY: Customers are responsible for appropriate use of purchased product. We are not responsible for manufacturer warranty or longevity of any and all products.  Since all orders are unique to the customer. All sales are final. If we verify that we made an error, we will re-print the order. No Refunds or Credit. Customer must notify us within 24hrs of order acceptance to notify any defects discovered in the ordered product or the claim will be denied. In order to receive replacement customer must return 100% of the received product within 15 days, at their own expense, from the time when the ordered product delivery was taken. We will only take products back if there are defects or if specifications are not met as long as they are specifications that we have agreed to do in the order. Any specifications you place during the order will appear on your invoice. These specifications are used as a reference and NOT a sales order. This is for the purpose of quality control. We will not assume that a product is printed incorrectly based solely on a customer's word. The product needs to be examined in person by a Admin Person to determine the cause of the print error. This is to increase our quality and to best serve our customers. All orders are considered final only reversible only by an Admin-Person. We are not responsible manufacturer warranty or life longevity of any and all products. Only we may deem a product unsatisfactory but will attempt every option to determine whether product was defective. If product is deemed to be a defective from the manufacturer we replace product purchased with product of same caliber.


SHIPPING: Lower 48 states only.

We will Ship with UPS or USPS. Shipping date applies once order is picked up OUR POLICY ON SHIPPING: WE WILL MAKE EVERY NECESSARY ATTEMPT TO COMPLETE AND SHIP THE CUSTOMER'S JOB ON SCHEDULE. IF A DELIVERY IS IMPAIRED BY AN ACT OF GOD, ELECTRICAL FAILURES, AIRLINE DELIVERY DELAYS, ANY TRANSPORTATION DELAY, OR CANCELLATIONS, OR ANY OTHER DELAY OUT OF OUR CONTROL, THEN WE  WILL ASSIST THE CLIENT IN LOCATING THE DELIVERY. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ORDERS LOST OR DAMAGED BY THE SHIPPING COMPANY. THE CUSTOMER AGREES NOT TO HOLD US LIABLE UNDER ANY OF THE ABOVE CONDITIONS. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS. All orders are thoroughly accounted for before shipping. We are not responsible for third party involvement such as shippers, carriers, or any persons not employed by us. Client acknowledges that use of such carriers is voluntary and accepts all cost related and responsibility with shipping. All orders are presumed available for ship within 1 to 3 business days of order completed but not guaranteed. We are not responsible for orders not being ready within clients desired deadline. We are not responsible for incorrect address given by client and or lack of understandability due to language barrier. Orders are generally shipped from our facility on Tuesdays and Fridays unless otherwise requested. If requested shipping date is preferred we do not guarantee arrival or shipping request do to work flow priorities.

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